This is where the GMs have a chance to hire or sign any talent they want, this have been going on for the month of August 31,2012.

Update for Sept 11,2012 9:01 P.M CT

Raw GM Stone Cold Steve Austin have interested in C.W. Anderson. We will keep up with the latest news.

More Update:AAW Raw GM Stone Cold Steve Austin have offered C.W. Anderson a contract over 1 million dollars and C.W. Anderson took the offer.

Update for Sept 11,2012 9:37 P.M CT

NXT GM Have interested in Colin Delaney,Colin Delaney declines the deal of 100,00 dollars and 3 years in NXT. More on this story soon.

More Update: Colin Delaney said he won't sign a deal that he don't like.

New Update: NXT GM have offered Colin Delaney a contract of 500,000 dollars and Colin Delaney took 30 minutes to agree to the offer.

Update for Sept 13,2012 8:17 P.M CT

Smackdown GM William Regal is interest in Simon Dean, the last time they met was yesterday night. Simon Dean talked with William Regal and said he would talk to him today.

New update from Smackdown GM William Regal, "Simon Dean is the type of guy that wants to wrestle and have no regrets for signing with Smackdown."

Recent Update: Simon Dean have text "Glad to be were I belong on the smackdown brand, can't wait to wrestle on this week smackdown."