This is the first House show of AAW, please note that this take place at Dallas, Texas.


AJ: Finally AAW have come to Dallas, Texas. For the first time in years to come, I have started what I always wanted to do. It took me five years to get where I am today.

JBL: Good morning everyone, I am JBL one of the commentators for AAW. It's a honor to work for AAW. I see a good future for AAW. Now today will be a fantastic day as the main event is Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan for the AAW World Heavyweight Champion. Take it away Matthews

Matthews: JBL this is going to be the night where all champions are crown and make history tonight.

1st Match: Carlito vs The Miz for the AAW United States Champion

2nd Match: Seth Rollins vs Bo Rotundo for the AAW NXT Champion

3rd Match: Battle Royal for the AAW ECW Champion

4th Match: Lita vs Mickie James for the AAW Women's Champion

5th Match: The Usos vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick for the AAW world tag team Champion

6th Match: The Rock vs Chris Jericho for the AAW Undisputed Champion

AJ Miles interrupts Todd Grisham and said next week on ECW Tommy Dreamer vs Mick Foley is schedule for the AAW ECW champion.

(AAW first segment)

Todd Grisham: please welcome at my time, the AAW GM of Raw Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Cold: Give me a hell yeah!!!

Todd Grisham: HELL YEAH!!

Cold: That's the bottomline cause STONE COLD SAID SO!!

Todd Grishman: Stone Cold, how do you think of AAW first house show?

Cold: It's good, I wish to be the best GM than the other four since I am the outlaw and I have a blockbuster roster. do you see anyone else having the roster I have?

Todd Grishman; No, but I think AAW Smackdown could beat you. I like their roster too you know.

(Stone Cold stunner Todd and tell someone to give him beer to pour it on Todd)

Stay tune for the results of AAW First Houseshow